Surrey plans to regulate rentals

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent


Surrey Township Planning Commission Chair Mahlon (Buzz) Parsons recommended to the board Tuesday that the PC begin work on developing an ordinance to regulate rental properties.

Parsons said, “We have been investigating landlords who do not take care of their property. It is unbelievable just how bad the conditions of some of these places are. We need to establish a rental ordinance, not an invasive one, but we can’t do anything about it without an ordinance. We have to do something to take care of these (renters) people.”

He added, “We don’t want to stop business. We don’t want to make it intrusive on those who are doing a good job, but we have to do something. Shall we continue?”

The Surrey Township Board unanimously approved a motion to have the Planning Commission continue with the process to develop an ordinance.

In another matter, Alan Reiss of Reiss Real Estate told the board that Silver Ridge, which went out of business several years ago, has new owner and that a restaurant will be opening there soon. Reiss said the owner is Aaron Mohr from Southeastern Michigan.

The board agreed that was great news for the area.

Other business at the Surrey Township meeting Tuesday evening included:

*Approval for tax abatement for Future Mold.

*Approval of the Equalization Contract with the County department.

*Reports from Sheriff’s Department Deputy Natasha Kress; Fire Chief Dave Williams, Zoning Administrator Rod Williams and County Commissioner Lynn Grim.

*Payment of monthly bills totaling $41,084.93.