Surrey unhappy with WMI – will seek bids

By Pat Maurer

At Tuesday’s board meeting, the Surrey Township Board gave Supervisor Russ Hamilton permission to sign and send a letter to Waste Management notifying them that the board will seek bids for operation of the township transfer station. “We have been unhappy with WMI for some time,” Hamilton said.

He said the board will take bids from other companies when the WMI contract expires in six months.

In another matter the board approved the purchase of new fire fighters’ equipment. Fire Chief Dave Williams reported on monthly activity and asked the board to approve the purchase of ten new air bottles at a cost of $7,380.00 and four sets of turn-out gear at a total cost of $8,140.00.

The board approved the purchases.

County Commissioner Lynn Grim reported on County activity including the lease of a new police vehicle; the Michigan State University Extension annual report, adoption of the summer property tax levy and roll backs to Clare School District and Greenwood and Sheridan townships. She also noted that Joan Cashen, Coordinator for the McKinney-Vento Program had reported there are about 250 homeless children in the county and on the work underway to stop the problem by finding homes for the children.

Other business included:

*A County Road Commission report by Commissioner Dick Haynak who said the State still doesn’t have a budget in place for roads, and that he doesn’t think the new budget will include much for local roads.

*A zoning report by Rod Williams;

*A Planning Commission meeting to be held Wednesday July 17.

*Payment of bills totaling $68,136.39

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