Swaffer arrested for illegal marijuana sale

June 22, 2012

A Grant Township business owner of the Clare Compassion Center, Rosalyn Swaffer, 25, of Cadillac, was arrested Wednesday for illegal Delivery of Marijuana.

According to a press release from the Clare County Sheriff’s Department, the Sheriff’s Department had received “numerous complaints” about the business illegally selling marijuana.

Detective Sergeant Michael Coon had observed a sale and contacted the buyers who said they were legal cardholders, but did not have a caregiver designated. “It is illegal to obtain marijuana without the proper care giver/patient paperwork,” the release said.

Coon said the complaints

The Clare County Prosecuting Attorney Michelle Ambrozaitis had a Cease and Desist Order served on the Clare Compassion several months ago, but the CCSD reported continuing complaints that the business was not complying with the order.

Detective Coon said, “We have been blasted in the press about this. People need to realize that when these businesses sell marijuana, they aren’t any different than any other drug dealer. They are breaking the law that says they must be a caregiver, that Compassion Clubs are illegal, and they cannot sell it; they only be reimbursed for the cost of manufacture by their registered patients.”

He went on, “We have been getting complaints about the Clare Compassion Club for several months, the Prosecutor has been getting complaints and even BAYANET (the Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team) has been getting complaints.”

Swaffer was scheduled to be arraigned in 80th District Court Thursday afternoon, Ambrozaitis said. She was charged with Delivery, Manufacture of Marijuana.

She was lodged in the Clare County Jail pending arraignment.

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One Response to Swaffer arrested for illegal marijuana sale

  1. majicbuss

    June 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    First off Det. Coon you guys deserve the blasting you are getting as you are not adhere to the wishes of the people and are ignoring the law in which we voted in! And “NO” we don’t appericate your service when you act out of the scope of our wishes. You are viewing the law too narrow and are missing the true scope of the law!

    It does not state anywhere in the MMMA that it is illegal to be compensated for the transfer of meds between qualified patients.

    The law reads very simple as the Michigan Supreme Court stated and you are apparently reading it in a way to profit “YOU” not to “SERVE the PEOPLE”!