Teens Adopt – A- Hwy

June 5, 2014

The Clare County Teen Livestock Committee and the Farmers Bureau’s Jackpine Farmers and Ranchers teamed up to do their part in keeping our highways clean. They participated in Adopt-A-Highway on April 21.

The TLC members consisted of: Chandler Denton, Kelsey Barber, Jordon Spitler, Dean Schunk, Vanessa Foster, Justin Cameron, Kasey Cameron, Olivia Witbeck, Lyle Coats, Hunter Burmeister, Nathan Davis, Nick Davis, Dallas Witbeck, Mathew Davis, Josh Langlois. The JF&R team consisted of: Olivia Witbeck, Nathan Davis, Nick Davis, Mathew Davis, Dean Schunk (President), Josh Langlois, Vanessa Foster, Lyle Coats, Jordon Spitler, Michael McQuire. Parent volunteers were Trudy Foster, Kelli Barber, Joan Schunk (Advisor) and Joanna Witbeck.

We are proud to report that this stretch of highway has gotten cleaner over the years thanks in part to these wonderful volunteers.

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