Thomas team wins golf

July 10, 2014

The Veterans Freedom Park held their 2nd Annual Golf Outing-fundraiser on June 7, 2014. They ended up bringing in over $6,000.00!!  Volunteers for the event included: Andrea McCrary, Lori Minterfering, and State Representative-Joel Johnson who cooked hot dogs with Ron

Trzeciak;  Jim Anthony for the  many hours of  planning this event and always being so reliable, Mindy Taylor, Jon Jansen for representing the US ARMY at the military hole and Marcus Carlstrom for having our US Marines proudly represented as well!

Mallory McDowell did a phenomenal job singing our National Anthem and the American Legion Post 404 Honor Guard was present at the flag raising.

The first place winners were: $240 to The Al Thomas team, Second Place- $180.00 was held by The Jim Martin team, and Third place- $100.00 went to The Dave Valko team.  Patty Szotko  was the lucky winner of $417.00 in the in the 50/50 drawing. 

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