Timberland renovations may be put on hold

May 31, 2013

By Cathy Taylor Correspondent

The Farwell Public Schools Board of Education met for their second regular session of the month on Monday, May 20th at 7 pm. All board members were in attendance.

For the first hour of the session, special recognition was given to several students of Farwell schools. Jean Shelander, coordinator of the Young Authors program in the elementary school, presented four of her outstanding young students along with their completed works of non-fiction literature. The young authors were Emma Swarthout, Kaden Lewis, Shellby Nickerson and Emily Nickerson. Each student displayed and discussed their prize-winning novels, certificates of achievements and their gold medals.

Foreign Exchange Student Ariet Turatbekov took the opportunity to thank the Board, staff members and students of Farwell for making his stay in the United States a memorable one. From Kurdistan, Ariet gave an inspiring speech describing the differences in education, technology and lifestyles between the countries.

Lynette Lentovich was very proud to introduce one of her graduating students from the Early College Program. Kristen Burbank took the stage to tell the audience what the Early College Program has meant to her. She stated to the audience that she was very afraid when she first began the program. But with the continued help and support of Ms. Lentovich and English instructor Mr. Adams, she proudly achieved her goals. Burbank highly recommends the program for all juniors at Farwell High.

Lentovich also announced that five students in the Early College Program finished the year with a higher college GPA than their high school GPA. She also announced that Farwell High student Morgan Coney will be graduating this year from the program with a completed Associate’s Degree in Business.

Instructors Ana Allingham and Dee Yarger presented the latest State Assessment Data and were happy to announce that over 62% of the students monitored in the continuing assessment program had improved their scores over the past year.

In other Board of Education business, the bids for the proposed Timberland Alternative School renovation project were reviewed. Superintendent Carl Seiter said he was utterly shocked by how high the competitive bids were. Most of the bids reviewed were thousands of dollars above and beyond what the Board had originally anticipated. Discussion was held as to what the Board’s next step should be. It was suggested that another round of bidding be done for the project in hopes that someone may come in with a lower price. Further discussion will be held at a future meeting.

The Board also discussed the need to hire another full time instructor at the Timberland school. The Board unanimously approved the decision.

As their final act of business for the evening, a motion was made to accept with regret the resignation of Frank Militello. Militello was an instructor at the Farwell Middle School.

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