Treasurer asks BOC to make fees uniform

By Genine Hopkins

Jennifer Martin, of the Cadillac Insurance Agency, updates the Clare County BOC members of upcoming changes to health insurance plans as the ACA kicks in.

Jennifer Martin, of the Cadillac Insurance Agency, updates the Clare County BOC members of upcoming changes to health insurance plans as the ACA kicks in.

County Treasurer Jenny Beemer-Fritzinger suggested the County Board of Commissioners set a fee schedule for services such as copying and faxing, to keep them uniform across departments.

“It has come to my attention that different departments are charges different fees for simple services such as faxing or copying documents,” she told the BOC at their regular meeting on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, “Are we supposed to have a fee schedule for all departments?”

The matter was concerning to the board, who felt that constituents should have uniform expectations for services.  Although some fees are mandated, such as Freedom of Information Act requests (FOIA), others are left without any conformity throughout the county’s many departments.

“I think we’re supposed to have a set fee schedule,” said Commissioner Lynn Grim, “At least ideally we’d like to be uniform, keep things simple across the board.”

Commissioner Chair Jim Gelios suggested the board bring up the topic at the upcoming department head meeting, which will take place later this week.

Beemer-Fritzinger also updated the board on the upcoming tax sale, which will take place on August 8, 2013, at noon, at the Beaverton Bowling Alley.

“There are currently 120 parcels posted.  Unfortunately several have been used as dump sites in Frost Township, so we’ll have to perform a contamination study,” she said.

The Treasurer’s Department has also recently sent out notices of 2011 tax forfeiture to the 987 parcels that fall under that category.  Inspectors have begun to examine the properties and will continue their work through the year.  Parcels that are delinquent on their 2011 property taxes still have time to redeem their properties.

Beemer-Fritzinger is also opening the conversation with other counties to determine the best way to increase compliance with the county’s dog licensing requirement, and will provide the board with the results of her research.

Other items discussed during the July 17th board of commissioners meeting include the following:

During the Clerk’s report, County Clerk Pamela Mayfield informed the board of the proposal by DCP Midstream LP to build an oil/gas processing plant in Hamilton Twsp.  Commissioner Dale Majewski questioned the negative pollution the plant may produce, while Commissioner Rick LaBoda, who represents Hamilton Township, felt the move would bring potential jobs to the county.

Mayfield also suggested that the Clerk’s office will be faced with differing methods of accepting signatures for petitions to be placed on a ballot.  According to Mayfield, a State Court of Appeals decision appears to allow the petition to be placed on the ballot while the Bureau of Elections has mandated that no petition can be placed on the ballot proposals unless all signatures have been verified.  Mayfield suggested she would keep the board informed of the issue as it plays out at the state level.

On a motion by Commissioner LaBoda, supported by Commissioner Leonard Strouse, the board approved all city/township contracts between Clare County Equalization Department and the local entities as it pertains to tax related services.

The BOC approved an Environmental Consulting Agreement between the couinty and Otwell Mawby, PC for Brownfield Redevelopment.  Any services for the agreement will be paid out of the Brownfield Redevelopment fund.

Updates to the Non-Union Personnel Policy Manual were approved by the board on a motion by Commissioner Grim, supported by Commissioner Karen Lipovsky.

A presentation by both the Community Mental Health for Central Michigan and Cadillac Insurance was made.  CMHCM introduced their new Director, Craig Derror, who replaced Paul Cronstrom, as well as discussing the new region design.  Jennifer Martin from Cadillac Insurance, presented the board with several options regarding employee insurance packages.  Ms. Martin explained that due to the ACA, there will most likely be major hikes coming to employee packages.  Per a prior request by the board, Cadillac Insurance did approve to modify the renewal date to October 1, 2014, which will allow the board to offer the packages at the current pricing, staving off dramatic increases for the current year.

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