United Rescue millage fails

August 10, 2012

United Rescue Ambulance Service won’t be seeing any extra operating funds in the next few years. The Primary ballot proposal had asked for .9 mills for five years to be used for operations of the service and would have raised $415,030 in 2012.

Voters in Franklin, Frost, Greenwood, Hamilton, Hayes and Redding Township said no to the proposal, while voters in Harrison and Summerfield Townships narrowly approved the millage request.

Harrison voters approved the request 178 to 162 and Summerfield Township voters said yes in a 45-44 vote.

Overall, the eight townships’ voters cast 1,052 votes against the proposal while 808 voted for the millage.

In Franklin the vote was 89 against the proposal and 61 for it. Frost Township voted 141 no to 80 yes votes. Greenwood Township’s tally was 119 against the millage and 83 in favor. Hamilton Township voted against it 150 to 79. In Hayes Township the vote was 295 against the millage and 267 for it. Redding Township voters said a resounding no with 52 against and just 15 in favor of the millage.

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