United Way’s Jennifer Long resigns

February 9, 2018

United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties has announced that Executive Director Jennifer Long has decided to leave the position effective Feb. 9. Board President Kim Shea will step in as Interim Executive Director during the search for Long’s replacement.

“In the 6 months that I’ve been involved on the United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties board, I have been continually impressed with Jennifer’s professionalism and her commitment to doing the right things for United Way for the benefit of all,” said Board Vice President Jane Zdrojewski. “Her absence will be felt across the organization and her shoes will be tough ones to fill.”

Long said that she has enjoyed her time with United Way, and looks forward to exploring new opportunities professionally.

“It’s been a privilege to serve United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties as Executive Director for the past two and a half years. I’m proud of what our board, staff, and other community volunteers and partners have accomplished during my tenure here,” she said. “As much as I have loved serving our communities in this capacity, I feel it is time to pass the baton to someone with a different set of gifts and talents in order to continue the momentum and create a greater impact for our communities.”

Long has served United Way in various capacities since 2001, when she started as an administrative assistant. Over the years, she became familiar with all aspects of the organization, from bookkeeping to campaign.

“We are so appreciative of the 13 years Jennifer Long has devoted to our United Way.  In her service as Executive Director for the past 2.5 years, Jennifer has helped further improve our reputation and visibility, streamlined allocations and other critical procedures, made significant contributions to our carefully balanced budget, inspired new kickoff events and increased our public relations, marketing, and overall impact on the community,” noted Shea. “Jennifer no doubt has incredible talent that will propel her to new opportunities wherever she decides to take it.  The board of directors is using this time to roll up our sleeves and determine the future strategy of United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties.  We will remain the go-to service organization for education, health, income, and basic needs for our communities.  We will ensure that the staff is aligned to help us continue meeting those needs efficiently and effectively.”

According to United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties Secretary/Treasurer Jeff Provenzano, the organization’s financial health will continue to remain a priority as hiring decisions are made.
“The United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties’ financial results are slightly better than budget half way through fiscal year 2018. While budgets remain tight, United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties has done a great job managing to its resources,” Provenzano explained. “With a change in the Executive Director position, the United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties Board is engaged in determining the most prudent appropriation of available resources to staff the organization in the best possible way to support our strategic mission and provide the necessary resources to continue to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors in Clare and Gladwin Counties and position [the organization] for future growth.”

United Way of Clare and Gladwin Counties looks forward to the upcoming allocations process, when Clare and Gladwin County residents will again have the opportunity to review funding requests from partner agencies at Citizen Review Panels. The Citizen Review Panels continue the organization’s long tradition of bringing community members together to take part in this important decision making process.

“We recognize that in this climate of great division nationally, we know how to stay united locally,” Shea said. “That is precisely what we will do.”

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