Vintage snowmobile show cancelled

April 6, 2018

By Steve Landon

For the last six years vintage snowmobile enthusiasts from as far away as Ontario Canada have gathered on the grounds of Eagle Crest Homes and the Farwell Thrift Store and Flea Market for “Sleddin’ at a Jack” a popular vintage snowmobile swap and show held during the Farwell Lumberjack Festival in late July.

Sadly Old Sledder Jack will not be around this year due to the sale of the shows location. Sadly attempts to find another suitable site featuring ample parking for visitors, display sleds and swappers have been unsuccessful.

Sleddin’ at the Jack was born back in 2012, the brainchild of vintage snowmobile enthusiasts, racer and Sno-Jet snowmobile collector Bernie Blain of Lake.  7-15-16 Sleddin at the Jack DSC_0206

Working with his friends and family it was decided to hold the event during the Farwell Lumberjack festival when several visitors were in the area. Clare County Review correspondents/photographers and fellow sled collectors Steve and Sherry Landon came up with the shows name, designed fliers, event buttons and helped with media promotion.

Bernie used some of his many talents to create an axe toting mascot called “Sledder Jack” to stick with the lumberjack theme. Since the event began Bernie, his beautiful wife Brenda, along with their children and grandchildren have worked tirelessly to produce what had become one of the best summer vintage snowmobile swap and shows in Michigan.  Hopes were to continue the show, however, things just didn’t pan out.

“We have checked around the area for a new location, we just haven’t found another place big enough to hold it. We’re not willing to charge spectators just to park.  The Farwell Fairgrounds would have been a great location, however, it is too expensive to rent. At this point, we’re sorry to say it looks like we won’t be continuing the event.

The statue of “Sledder Jack” that stood out along the highway prior to and during the show has been tucked away for safe keeping just in case we find a place to revive the show someday. We also plan to continue the “Sleddin’ at the Jack” Facebook page to help promote the hobby.

Sleddin at the Jack has involved hours of hard work, however, it’s been a lot of fun as well. We’ve met people from all segments of the snowmobile industry, Hall of Fame racers and every day snowmobiler’s who have come by over the years to check us out, we are certainly going to miss doing it”, Brenda Blain said.

While the Blain Family won’t be hosting “Sleddin’ at the Jack” they’ll still be active in the vintage snowmobile hobby showing their collection and taking part in events around the snow-belt in the coming months.

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