Voters approve recall for Redding Township Supervisor, Clerk

March 9, 2012

Redding Township voters approved a recall of Supervisor Supervisor Michael Trzcienski and Clerk Autumn Scarbrough in the Presidential Primary election February 28.

The vote to recall Trzcienski was 79 in favor and 25 against. Scarbrough was recalled by a vote of 77-26.

The petitions to recall them were authored by former Township Clerk Jim Zarembo, who resigned in June 2010.

Wording on the recall petition for Trzcienski says, “Mr. Trazcienski failed to appoint Board of Review members for the 2011-2012 years, violating Michigan Tax Law.”

“He continued to hold Board of Review meetings without properly seated board members,” said Zarembo in a telephone interview Monday. “There is supposed to be three members. He has two unconfirmed (by the board) members.”

Trzcienski didn’t dispute the fact that there were only two members of the Board of Review and they had not been approved by the board.  He said in justification on the ballot, “…This board refused to appoint one very capable person and made it clear through their actions that they would not support anyone that I tried to appoint…”

Wording on the recall petition against Scarbrough said, “She has violated the ‘Open Meetings Act.’ She takes incomplete township meeting minutes and refuses to correct them. Ms. Scarbrough is unavailable by any means, to residents. She refuses to share/provide reports to the township board.”

Scarbrough was appointed in 2010 as clerk after Zarembo resigned.

In her justification on the ballot she said, “…each and every attempt to save the Township money and make the Tjownship more efficient inits activities and practices has been met with hostility and devout resistance to change…I did my job, in a hostile environment, to the best of my abilities and here are the results…”

Scarbrough said in October, “I think it’s petty, low and underhanded. I don’t understand how I could have violated the Open Meetings Act – I’ve been criticized for taking too detailed minutes rather than not enough. And, when I adjust them, it is always wrong. This is extremely childish. I do correct the minutes. How can he (Zarembo) make that claim? As far as I know he has never even checked the corrected minutes that are in the township book.”

With the approval of the recall, the remaining Redding Township Board will now have to appoint a new Supervisor and Clerk to fill the remainder of Trzcienski and Scarbrough’s terms.

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