Voting machines for county coming soon

June 8, 2017

By John Raffel

Clare County clerk Lori Martin continues to keep her eye on new voting machines for the county.

“We’ll have our new voting equipment in place for the November election of this year,” she said. “We’re excited about that. We will not have an August election this year. No one filed anything. The only elections we’re scheduled to have is city of Clare in November. But that could change. There are some board members up for election.

“If someone wants a special election, like the school had one in May, they can throw one in August. But no one filed anything, so we won’t have an August election. But we will have a November election, 100 percent, for the city of Clare. So we’ll be using our new voting equipment in November.”
Martin expects to have delivery of the new equipment and training by August.

“Another new thing in our office is we moved the circuit court clerks down the hall a little ways and they have their own dedicated lobby,” Martin said. “There’s a little more privacy that way. It seems to be working out really well.”

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