Wilber honored by CMDHD

February 27, 2014

The Together We Can Health Improvement Council honors 10 local individuals for going above and beyond in promoting health and wellness to central Michigan community members

Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD) with the Together We Can Health Improvement Council is honoring 10 individuals deemed “health heroes.” These individuals have led or contributed to efforts to make central Michigan a healthier place to live and visit. The individuals being honored will receive a letter of appreciation and a window cling to hang at their home or place of business to let everyone know that they are a health hero. The January, 2014 Health Hero Awardees are:

• Gretchen Wilber (Department of Human Services, Clare County) for working with volunteers to provide services to low income and vulnerable populations, raising funds annually for back-to-school events that provided backpacks and school supplies for 500 students, and organizing Project Kids Christmas. Wilbur was a founding member of the county’s adult resource committee, Habitat for Humanity, the Enterprise Community, Continuum of Care Group and Community Nutrition Network. CMDHD and the Together We Can Health Improvement Council send best wishes to Wilber as she embarks on retirement.

• Peggy Greenacre (Chartwells at Beaverton Rural Schools, Gladwin County) for going above and beyond to make fruits and vegetables fun for kids at Beaverton Primary School.

• Michael Long and Amy Romanowksi (Hillside Elementary Schools, Clare County) for creating the first ever Girls on the Run team at Hillside Elementary School

• Coral Beth Rowley (MSU Extension, Gladwin County) for providing nutrition education for adults in both class series and presentations on ways to help themselves and their families make healthier food choices even while struggling with limited food dollars. Coral also goes into schools, when possible, to offer lessons to children of various ages.

• Don Meierant (Community Member, Roscommon County) for committing himself to the health and wellness of the people of Roscommon County and he has continued to do so in his retirement.

• Dawn Wiseman (Gladwin County) for raising money, facilitating and coordinating volunteers, and much more in the effort to provide food to over 70 Gladwin children through a backpack program.

• Noreen Rechlin (Gladwin County) for volunteering to lead the Clare-Gladwin Health Improvement Planning group, helping with parent coalitions and chairing Gladwin’s Substance Abuse reduction activities.

• Railway Family: Beaverton Activity Center (Gladwin County) for re-purposing the long empty junior high building in Beaverton into an activity center.

• Nancy King (Isabella County) for coordinating the McLaren Free Clinic every Thursday evening. Nancy works tirelessly to work with other agencies and partners to provide the best service possible at the clinic.

• Kim Lombard (Spectrum Health, Osceola County) for helping the community become healthier through teaching diabetes education classes, the Diabetes Prevention Program, the Fit Kids Program, and diabetes education for school staff.

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