CCSO officers resign over delayed response to homicide/suicide

September 16, 2019

By Pat Maurer

Two officers from the Clare County Sheriff’s Office resigned this week following an investigation into the murder-suicide August 25th at a Harrison home in Hayes Township.

Questions were raised about the delay in the arrival of a Sergeant and a deputy who were dispatched to the scene. “The response time to the scene could have been faster for the type of incident they were responding to,” Sheriff John Wilson said in a Wednesday press release.

Wilson said the officers’ arrival time wouldn’t have made a difference in what happened. “The response time of the officers could not have changed anything or made a difference in the final outcome of the incident. There was no cause and effect on the outcome of the incident other than they did not respond in what was considered a timely fashion for the type of incident,” he said.

The two officers, who were not named, were dispatched to a home on C’Dale Street around 8 a.m. that Sunday morning when a report came in that a man had shot a woman inside the residence.

Several children in the home when the first shooting occurred were rescued by the sister of the victim and the homeowner and roommate and they all escaped unharmed.

The victim, Nicole Bartel, 27 was reportedly shot by her estranged husband Frazer Bartel, 35, who then shot himself.

Believing the man was armed inside the home, police made multiple attempts to contact him, before a tracked robot was sent inside and officers discovered Bartel and his wife were both dead.

An investigation after the incident revealed that the officers’ arrival time was delayed and that they could have arrived sooner.

In a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, Undersheriff Dwayne Miedzianowski said, “I think the whole situation is a sad one for everyone involved.”

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