Readers seek help this holiday season

November 30, 2017

Wants to spend the holiday with family

To whom it may concern:
I came to Harrison about 3 years ago, I’m disabled and on a limited budget, I enjoy it here.
My boyfriend is here now and we make ends meet. He is also disabled. All of our family is out of town, too far to travel and we don’t drive or have a vehicle. If you understand I don’t mean to ask, but we would like to be able to enjoy Christmas a little more than we can afford.
God bless and thank you for considering us. A little help will be so much appreciated.

Struggling to keep home

To whom it may concern,
This is for my friend and his dog. My friend is too proud to ask but I must see if you can help him and his dog out.
He is struggling to keep his house, as he is disabled and trying to pay taxes without an income. He somehow gets by, but could you please help him have a blessed Christmas? God Bless.

In need of warm clothing

Our problem for my husband and me is we’re broke. I’ve had 7 strokes and I’m on S.S. I get $648.00 a month, $600.00 goes out for rent. The $48.00 has to pay for my prescriptions and dollar store things.
My husband is a care giver for a Vietnam Vet and he gets paid $370.00 every two weeks. He has to pay the bills, truck and camper payment and insurance payment and then he’s broke. So here’s our Christmas list, please help us.
My husband could use jeans, 29W x 30L, and large size sweatshirts.
The Vietnam vet he cares for could use jeans, size 42W, and house slippers size 13.
For myself, large size pajamas, elastic waist jeans medium tall, large size leggings, hat, scarf and mittens.
I have a major question to ask, we have a bed that is shot badly. The organization we received it from said they can’t give us another bed because they have given us one already. But it’s really worn out, it’s a full size and our dog has to sleep with us, he’s big. Could we ask for a new bed? We could use a King or Queen.
Please help us. Merry Christmas.

Christmas wishes for many

Over the past 2 years I have endured many medical problems, the main one being stage 3 breast cancer of which I am said to be a survivor. Presently this status is in jeopardy as my medical team has recently found a cancerous tumor in my Kidney.
I am hoping for it to be just that, a kidney tumor as it seems contained rather than breast cancer metastases. My wish is for prayers for my health; however I would like you to consider making wishes come true on my behalf for many other cancer patients. I would like you to make donations to Cancer Services of Clare, Gladwin and Midland County. This organization has helped me in the past and the do a great job servicing locals in need.
Please send your donations to Cancer Services, 220 W. Main Street, Suite 105, Midland, MI 48640. You can also donate online at
One request is that if you do make a donation to Cancer Services or any other organization please let me know with a note or card telling me so.
It will give me much encouragement as I continue my own journey. Cards can be sent to Sherry Landon at The Clare County Review/The Press, 105 W. Fourth Street, Clare, MI 48617.

Help with repairs on vehicle for young couple

I am writing you today on behalf of a couple I know.  They are struggling.  They live right here in Clare and have a 9 and 1/2 month old baby and a 10 year old young lady.  He works in Evart anywhere from 30-60 hours a week depending on work availability.  He will pick up any extra shifts just to try to help them stay afloat.
Thank the Lord for their church family or I don’t know how they would make it.  My husband and I have already expressed our desires to provide their Christmas for them to help alleviate that burden but when I had taken her to get a much overdue oil change on their vehicle she found out she had over $1,000 of work that needed to be done asap.  If they continue to drive the vehicle in the condition it is in it will continue to wreck her tires (which she needs replaced also) but could also cause an accident.  The auto place gave her two estimates so she could do one first and then the other but they do not have that kind of money.
She is a stay at home mom for now as they cannot afford daycare plus she is breast feeding.  I am not sure if they qualify for the help but I know they would be greatly blessed if you could.  If you have any further questions please feel free to email me back or call me at 424-7387.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

Could use Christmas miracle

I saw your ad in the newspaper regarding helping families who need help with Christmas. My family desperately needs it. We have been together for 7yrs and moved up here from Florida in March living with my husband’s dad because I had a stroke after giving birth to my 4th child.
I am not working due to waiting to see if I’m approved for social security since having my stroke it is hard to take care of my kids and daily tasks, being diagnosed with PTSD I have to see therapists an specialists to. My husband found jobs, however he has recently become ill and had to take a leave from work. He spent his whole last check on a plane ticket to get his daughter here for Christmas from Florida. He has severe vertigo that we think of an can barely function on a daily basis.
We have been in and out of hospitals and doctors and specialists to see what it is and no one has figured it out 100% yet. His job might fire him due to him having to take a leave from work for 30 days being that he’s in his probation period at work. So if they do that we will have no income even longer than now. We have a home but it needs work and we just don’t have the money to fix it the right way right now because the movers that moved it set it up wrong. We have to get a septic system put in, a propane tank set up and we have to dig 16 holes an pour concrete then move our trailer again and be approved before we can get moved into it until then we are living with family. We are struggling so badly right now. We are ok on food it’s just trying to get our home put together and done and getting help making our kids have a good Christmas and this year we will have all 5 of our kids together for the 1st time ever. I don’t like asking for help but this year we need it. We are so worried our kids won’t have anything.
So please if you could help that would be so much appreciated. If you need to know anything else please feel free to ask.
Thank You

Help with pellet stove for cold winter months

To whom it may concern,
I have a son that desperately needs your help.  He is a very hard worker at his job in Farwell. He puts in all the OT that he can to make ends meet.
He supports himself, a girlfriend (big possibility, future wife) and 3 small children, ages 8, 6 and 5.  His girlfriend doesn’t work, because she doesn’t drive which is OK with me she takes good care of the kids, the house and my son.  My son is a third shifter and sleeps a lot.  She helps him keep things straight, because of all the hours he puts in.  He is a great dad.
Anyways, they have a woods stove for heat which is broke and always needs repairs.  My son is not mechanically inclined to keep it fixed; the wood stove was his ex-wife’s idea.  I am his mother and I also work in Farwell.  We suffer with much pain in our arms, from our jobs.  So, it is very hard for him to split wood.  Winter is coming; he has no one to help him except promises from people that they will look at his stove.  He does have a kerosene heater, but that’s not safe, and not a good source of heat for the winter.
I would like to see him get a pellet stove, new or used.  We heat our house with one.  This would be great for him and his family.  They have a small house.  It would be much easier to lift a bag of pellets, then to split wood when you’re exhausted. Also, it would be much safer than a wood stove and less up keep.
Please, please help him and his family.  I know that this is a big wish, but he has no one to help. I beg you. Please be their guardian angel and help this family.

Family of 7 in need of assistance for the holidays

To whom it may concern,
Hi, how are you? I really don’t know where to start. I have a family of 7. 3 boys, ages 15, 15, 5 and 2 girls, ages 17 and 16, my husband and myself.
It has been a really rough year this year for me and my family. We have been living paycheck to paycheck, trying to pay the bills on time and have been sometimes falling behind. I have been running my truck a lot back and forth from the University of Michigan hospital in Ann Arbor for one of my twin boys, who has Scoliosis and that he is going to have to have surgery in March of 2018. Our truck is falling apart.
But I pray to God it still keeps going. So I am asking if there is a Christmas angel out there that could find it in their heart to help my kids for Christmas that would be a true blessing. Let them wake up Christmas morning and find something under the tree for them. I’m not asking for myself, I’m asking for my kids. They really need some happy memories and not think about what’s coming up.
So if anything you could help with like food, gas cards, gift cards or even gifts or clothes that would be a true blessing.
Thank you for reading my letter.

Furnace is broken down

I am asking for help for a family member. If possible, I would like to stay anonymous.
There is a young couple who have a 2 month old son and they are in need of a new furnace that is going to cost about $2,000.
They had their baby on September 25th. They were in the NICU in Saginaw for about a week. When they got home it was cold so they decided to light their furnace so the baby wouldn’t be cold. The pilot lit just fine but the fan wouldn’t turn on and the rest of the furnace wouldn’t light to heat the house. They have 2 electric heaters to hold them over until they can afford a new furnace but winter is coming fast and they don’t want their baby boy to get sick. They had to move his bassinet into the living room where one of the heaters is. They have done some research as to the cost of a new furnace and to have it installed. They had a GoFundMe account, but after a month of no donations, they took it down. I would love to help them personally, but my husband and I have been trying to help my parents get a new drain field for over a month now and we just don’t have the extra money.
Any help they can get is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Family having a hard time

Dear Clare Review,
Hello, I am writing you today because my family and I are having a hard time these last few months.
My fiancé had to quit her job due to it being a hostile work place. And she thought that she would find another job right away, but it has been hard, who knew it would be this hard getting another job. Due to her quitting her job, it left all of the bills and everything else on me to pay, and due to this we got behind in our rent and are facing losing our home.
With it being the holiday season it has been hard we are trying to give our daughters a good Christmas . It just has been hard, this is the second hardest thing that I have faced in life since losing my son back in 2015, and to add to it, me and my fiancé are so stressed out to where we can’t sleep at night and are getting depressed. I guess what I am trying to say is that all I am looking for is a hand-up, not a hand out. We are trying to remain positive, and continue living one day at a time, hoping that a miracle may come.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Merry Christmas and God bless.

Help with Christmas gifts for three children

Hello Clare County Review,
I am writing this in regards to help for Christmas. Myself and my fiancé work full time jobs but we just can’t seem to get ahead with all our bills and having 3 children under the age of 18. We work 7am to 7 pm in a factory in Beaverton. I have 4 children and my fiancé has taken them in as his own. I have a 19 year old daughter; we just paid for her to start cosmetology school in Hillsdale. A 16 year old son who usually wrestles for Clare varsity but this year he is looking for a job instead to help with his car insurance and gas to get back and forth to school. He attends CTE in Coleman and they don’t have bussing there. Also have a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old daughter who are the sweetest, loving girls ever (even though they like to fight with each other).
I am asking for a little help with Christmas gifts to make their Christmas a little better. I know there are families that need more help than us so I understand if you guys can’t help. Never ask for help and seen this on FB to email you guys so I figured why not, what could it hurt.
Thank you for your time reading this and happy holidays.

Not asking for much

Dear Clare County Review,
I am writing to you because I am 63 years old, my son lives with me and so does my 18 year old granddaughter.
You see, we don’t have much money now and even less in December! I am at my whit’s end trying very hard to pay my bills, but I just don’t have enough money. I am back on some of my bills for $400.00 I know this is asking a lot of you, since there are younger families that probably need more help than I do.
My son needs more jeans, size 32-36 and large size shirts. Size 9 for socks. My granddaughter needs size 24 in jeans and they need to be tall! Myself, I need cleaning supplies, like laundry soap, dish fluid, toilet paper, etc. I would like to see if you could help us out for a turkey Christmas dinner, you see we did not have a Thanksgiving dinner, we couldn’t afford it.
It would be a blessing to my family if you could possibly help us out.

Just asking to be able to prepare Christmas dinner

Dear Clare County Review,
I am a 47 year old who is going to college but work and my boyfriend lives with me, kids all grown on their own. I live paycheck to paycheck. A lot of times get help for food. I don’t qualify for food stamps because they don’t count all your bills.  At times my daughter helps me with food but I feel bad because she has 3 kids. I would be happy with stuff to make a Christmas dinner.
Most of my extra money goes to gas for going to school and work. I stay home when not working or at school. So I can get a little bit of food from the dollar store.  I would be thankful for any help I could get.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Just need gifts for son

Dear Clare County Review,
I just read on Facebook that you are offering help for Christmas.  I have not been able to work in 3 years, I used to be a CNA for 10 years, and I loved my job, nothing better than helping others.  My back has been wearing out over the years, I have not been approved for disability, now I have Crohn’s to go with it.  we had to sell our house and move into one of my mom’s houses, we still pay each month but this has cut down our bills some my husband has been struggling working 7 days a week, taking any extra work he can get.  But I don’t see a lot of hope for Christmas.
My son who is 16 yrs. has been asking for a camera, he loves photography and video games.  He has been asking for a couple of years now, but I have not been able to give it to him.  He is a great kid, has never given me any problems, I feel like I have failed him. If anyone could please help make his wish come true I would be truly grateful. If we are not chosen I understand, as I know there are people who need help more.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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