School mill renewals, state proposals pass

November 9, 2018

By Pat Maurer

Although Clare County defeated Proposal 18-1 to legalize recreational marijuana by 5,895 to 5,583, voters across the state approved the legalization by 54.96 percent with a 1,943,113 yes vote to 1,593,196 against it.

The approval in Michigan makes it the tenth state in the country and the first state in the Midwest to legalize marijuana like alcohol.

In other state elections, Utah and Missouri legalized marijuana for medical uses, making them the 31st and 32 states to approve its medical use. North Dakota voters rejected a measure to legalize recreational marijuana Tuesday.

Michigan’s approval means: Those age 21 and older will now be able to purchase, possess and use marijuana and grow up to 12 plants for personal use; Up to ten ounces can be kept in a residence, but amounts over 2.5 ounces must be secured in a locked container; A state licensing system will be created for marijuana businesses, including growers, processors, transporters and retailers; Municipalities can ban or restrict marijuana businesses in their city limits, a measure already taken by the City of Clare; and Commercial sales of marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles will be permitted through state-licensed retailers and subject to a new ten percent tax that will raise funds for schools, roads and municipalities where those marijuana businesses are located.

Proposal 18-2, to establish an independent citizens’ redistricting commission was also approved by Michigan voters in a 2,067,826 to 1,286,196 vote. Clare County voters also approved the proposal 5,895 to 5,583.

The approval amends the Michigan Constitution creating an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, and transferring the authority to draw Congressional and State Legislative district lines from the Legislature and Governor to the Commission.

Proposal 18-3, the Voting Rights Policies Initiative passed across the state by a nearly two to one vote with 2,267,813 voters saying yes and 1,214,009 voting against the proposal. Clare County voters approved the proposal 5,895 to 5,583.

This proposal also amends the Constitution to provide citizens qualified to vote the Michigan to be able to vote a secret ballot; for military and overseas voters to be sent a ballot 45 days before an election; to vote straight party on all partisan general election ballots; to be automatically registered to vote when obtaining a driver’s license or personal identification card from the Secretary of State (unless the person declines); to register to vote by mail on or before 15 days before an election; to register to vote in person at any time with proof of residency; to vote an absentee ballot by mail or in person without giving a reason; and to have election results audited.

School Millage
All three area schools’ 18 mill non-homestead millage renewals passed. Clare’s millage passed 1,668 to 663; Farwell yes voters tallied 2,748 yes votes to 1,270 no; and Harrison’s operating millage passed 2,842 to 1,645.

Township proposals
Winterfield, Franklin and Grant Townships millage renewals also were approved by voters. Grant’s renewal for fire protection was approved 933 to 338.

Winterfield Township’s renewal for road improvements was approved 146 to 69. Franklin Township road millage renewal passed 164 to 147.

Arthur Township’s request, a special assessment for fire protection, was rejected by voters 157 to 130.

The general operating millage proposal for Franklin Township was also defeated by just ten votes 159 to 149.

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