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January 18, 2013

John Wilson, Clare County Sheriff

I wanted to hit on some of the recent changes in gun laws that took effect on December 18, 2012. One of the changes is that if you are buying a handgun from a FFL Dealer (Jay’s Sporting Goods) and do not have a CPL (Concealed Pistol Permit) you no longer have to have a purchase permit.

The FFL dealer will run the normal NICS check, the same as if you were buying a long gun. You do not have to go to your local law enforcement agency to obtain a purchase permit.

Now if you are buying from an individual and you do not have a CPL (Concealed Pistol License) you must have a purchase permit. If you need a purchase permit you can now go to any law enforcement agency in the state to obtain that, plus you have 30 days instead of 10 days to purchase the hand gun.

You can read Public Act 377 of 2012 at On the left column click on “Firearms” and a short cut to the act is on the top of the page.

I have been getting questions on what we have done to help prepare if something happens in one of the three schools in our county like that has recently occurred in Connecticut. Besides the normal training we go through each and every year as police officers, we also strive to keep up to date on lock down type drills at the public schools in the county.

We train inside the schools from time to time with our officers, after hours. Each school has a Liaison Officer assigned to the school. We put a lot of stress on those individual officers to learn their students and watch for something out of the ordinary.

To be straight up with you, it’s the parent(s), guardian(s) that need to pay attention to their children, and watch them closely. Watch for changes that are out of the ordinary. Spend time with them and learn who their friends are, what they like to do, what makes them mad, what emotionally hurts them. We are not able to see the future, only prepare for the unseen.

Please be vigilant in your observations of the people around us to watch for the out of the ordinary. Pray for our teachers that watch over our children every day. All school administrative staff and teachers have a more unique job than ever before; let’s help them out as much as possible. If you have a concern about anyone please contact me or one of the local Liaison Officers.

In 2012 we had 16 more Home Invasion/Breaking & Entering complaints then in 2011. Operating While Intoxicate arrest went from 118 in 2011 to 137 arrest in 2012. We took 3,754 written complaints/investigations during 2012. You have a great group of people out there protecting you day and night. We have great Neighborhood Watch groups throughout the county helping us help you. We have two very important volunteer groups that help your Sheriff’s Department every day and without them we couldn’t do what we do. Both the Reserves and the Mounted volunteers donate thousands of hours a year.

Lastly I would like to welcome Dwayne Miedzianowski as the Clare County Undersheriff. I look forward to many years to come with Dwayne as my Undersheriff. I feel comfortable in my decision of hiring him for that position.

Dwayne has spent the majority of his 22 years in law enforcement in a command type position. With Dwayne on board now I feel comfortable that I will be able to get out in the public more and more. Again, welcome aboard Undersheriff Miedzianowski.

That’s all for this month

GOD Bless

Sheriff John S. Wilson

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