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December 29, 2017

With temperatures hovering in the mid-twenties by day, and single digits with some even below zero most nights, I’m glad today [Wednesday] is a stay-at-home-

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

and-work-on-the-computer day.

Even so, I’m glad for the warm air blowing from the gas fireplace in the corner of the office.

Christmas is over once again and we are settling in for “a long winter’s nap” (I wish).

January, which officially arrives on Monday, can be a letdown after the excitement of the Christmas celebrations are finally over.

But, you have to admit it is usually a pretty month with all the trees outlined in white and sparkling when the sun hits them.

January is welcoming in another New Year with hopes that it will be better, healthier, more profitable, or more enjoyable than the last. I am praying it will be a better one for our family. 2017 has been a really tough one for some of us, with a couple of losses in the family and several family and friends fighting cancer, some on their second round.

January means making resolutions that may last all year or just a month – or in my case, at least a week or so…

January is cold blustery days and clear, still sparkling nights when the stars look close enough to touch.

It’s frosty mornings when there is ice in the river and lacy frost all along the Tobacco when the air is colder than the water.

It is sunrises when the sky is colored with pink and frosty blue.

It is sitting inside with your morning coffee and watching the birds squabble over the treats in the feeders.

It’s snow covered, slippery roads when you do have to go out.

January is watching the snowflakes stream into your headlights on your way home from an evening meeting or shopping excursion.

Better yet, it is watching a winter storm blow snow against the windows from inside next to a cozy fireplace with a good book to read.

And if you’re thinking there’s not much going on in January, here are some of the special things about the month: January is Eye Care Month, Hot Tea Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month, National Hobby Month, National Soup Month (we have soup for supper at least twice a week this time of year), National Staying Healthy Month (I’ve already lost that one and managed to catch a Christmas cold) and National Thank-You Month.

If you haven’t guessed already, I “googled” January. Here are just a few of the highlights coming up:
January 1 – Happy New Year! It is also World Peace day and Divorce Monday.
Happy Mew Year for Cats Day and National Science Fiction Day are on the 2nd.
January 3rd is Drinking Straw Day and National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day and Trivia Day is the 4th.
January 5th is Bird Day and World Hypnotism Day; while the 6th brings National Technology Day, Three Kings Day and Fruitcake Toss Day.
January 7th is I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day and National Bobblehead Day.
January 8 is Bubble Bath Day and Elvis Presley’s Birthday (He would have been 81).
January 9 is National Static Electricity Day – scrub you feet across the rug day? With that in mind, the 10th is Peculiar People Day – you probably know a few of those.
January 11 is Coming-of-Age Day and Secret Pal Day and the 12th is Work Harder Day – (Sure).
January 13 is Make Your Dreams Come True Day and the 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. And, January 15 is National Nothing Day!
The 19th is Popcorn Day. And, it is also a landmark birthday (I won’t say which one) for my favorite editor…Mike Wilcox. (Welcome to the growing ranks of official “senior citizens” boss!)
Cheese Day is the 20th. It’s also Penguin Awareness Day.
January 21st is Hat Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day and National Hugging Day.
The 22nd sounds like it will be my favorite, National Blonde Brownie Day.
The 23rd is Measure Your Feet Day (?) and National Handwriting Day.
The 24th is Compliment Day and the 25th is Opposite Day.
You won’t believe it but January 26th is Dental Drill Appreciation Day.
The 27th of January is another personal favorite, Chocolate Cake Day and the 28th is National Kazoo Day and Rubber Duckie Day.
January 29th is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Curmudgeons Day, and Backwards Day.
January 30th is National Plan For a Vacation Day.
Winding up the month January 31st is Appreciate You Social Security Check Day!

There are actually many more, but if we celebrate all these, the month should just about fly by!

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