October is here… almost

September 27, 2018

I’m not really sure where September went this year. It seems like it was August just the other day.

Well on Monday, like it or not, October arrives once again.

Guess it’s time to start thinking about witches and black cats, cooler days and frosty nights. I know I am looking forward to apple cider and donuts from the

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

Fruitful Orchard up on M-61. I might even get some apples to make a pie.

It’s been nice not to have to run the air conditioner so much and have the windows open when there is a cool breeze. I’m actually looking forward to the end of this long, hot summer, loaded with humidity and making it difficult to enjoy being outdoors – for me anyway.

The vacation season is really over now – except for us. We plan to spend at least one, and maybe a couple more weekends up at our campsite in Roscommon before it is all over.

One of those times will be the one where we “batten down the hatches” for the winter I am sure, and bring home all of the stuff we manage to accumulate up there through the summer months.

There’s still not very much fall color in evidence yet, although I am sure it’s coming. Jack says we should be getting peak color by the middle of the month (just a couple weeks away now).

I’m looking forward to seeing those beautiful fall colors, and to our annual color tour around the area. We are planning a trip up to the “tunnel of trees” we have heard is so beautiful when the fall colors arrive.

The feeders (and our windows that they keep flying into) are extremely attractive to the colony of birds we have been supplying with goodies all summer. The hummingbirds are gone now, but we still have a big assortment of every other kind you can imagine and a passel of squirrels as well.

The other day we watched one little black squirrel make a trek across the yard about every 15 minutes carrying a huge walnut, which he buried somewhere out in the back yard. I guess he is stocking up for a long winter.

With October here and the fall season underway, you know that we now have less than three months left until Christmas! I haven’t started my annual countdown…it always makes me anxious that I won’t get everything done.

I have a quilt to finish before then and maybe a couple of smaller ones for the great-granddaughters. At least that’s my plan, so guess I better get busy, right?
With fall here, I guess I can stop watering the flowers outside. And, hopefully those few green tomatoes in my little barrel garden will turn red before the frost really hits us. Seems like I’ve been waiting for them for a month now, but they are still green!

The houseplants that I always used to put on the porch in the spring are a fixture in my front window year-round, so I don’t have that chore of bringing them inside facing me. Good thing too since four of them are really too big to move anymore. In fact one (that I haven’t managed to kill) was a gift from my secretary Anna around 1980 when I ran the Homer Index downstate.

That makes it almost as old as daughter Lisa…

Then there is one that was a gift when my Mom died in 1993. It’s still alive too. And there’s an ivy that I have killed and brought back to life so many times I’m not sure how it has made it.

Unfortunately I am one of those people who has a “black thumb” and I’m not sure how the eight plants I have manage to cling to life around me.

For one thing, I’m not very consistent with watering them. They are apt to go a couple of weeks until I remember to give them a drink, usually when the leaves start falling off.

I think my sister-in-law Cathy has the right idea. She has a beautiful hanging basket that I admired when we visited.

She laughed and said, “It’s silk.”

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