Thunderstorms sunshine, warm weather and a snowstorm!

April 24, 2015

Pat Maurer

Pat Maurer

I am sitting here in Lisa’s vehicle watching granddaughter Alea play soccer in a snowstorm…and only five days ago it was sunny and 70 degrees outside. Go figure.
Granddaughter Alison put it best. “We have had all four seasons in the past week,” she said. I got to thinking that we have had winter snow, spring thunderstorms and flooding and summer sunshine. When I said we hadn’t had fall, she replied, “Well it was windy like it is in the fall.”
Ah Michigan, where the weather changes more often than your TV channel…

The picture that goes along with this sentiment was posted on Facebook by my friend Lynn Grim. Where else but here can you see snow and spring flowers blooming in the same picture? Lynn and Steve recently returned from sunny Florida.

They deny that they brought the cold weather with them, but I am blaming them and Jack’s brother and his wife (who also just returned) for all of our weather woes this week.
It is sad that Mother Nature would play such a cruel trick on us, especially after that taste of summer we had just last week. Guess we are back to a “more normal” Michigan spring aren’t we?

You can’t burst my bubble though. I got the good news this week that I can “resume normal activities,” and that I don’t have to haul an oxygen tank around with me anymore. It may not be spring weather out there but it sure feels good in here!

Despite the snow today (Wednesday) there are loads of spring signs out there now. The trees and lilac bushes are full of buds, the grass is green again and flowers are blooming around the county, even if they haven’t appeared out here on the Tobacco yet. Jack has been out checking for morels every couple of days too. With the recent thunderstorms and warm weather, they should be popping up again in the yard anytime – if it ever quits snowing!

We usually get enough mushrooms to enjoy at least one meal every spring, and once in a while we find a big bunch of those yummy things.
Since I have been pretty much confined to the house for the past month since getting out of the hospital, I have given in to the urge to do “just a little” spring cleaning. I have hauled out some of the spring and summer wardrobe and am preparing to pack up the winter sweaters and coats. But then of course the snow started falling again…
One thing I have noticed lately is how much longer the days are getting again. Daylight savings time helped that but lately it is really staying light out well into the evening. There is nothing as nice as long, warm summer evenings and I am looking forward to more of those.

Warm weather like we had last week always makes things start happening all over again. Our construction season is beginning I see and lots of people have already been outside working on their yards. I know some are planning spring improvements, landscaping and gardening already.

In fact I bought a few seeds myself – tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, lettuce and green onions. This year I think I will plant a mini-garden in some barrels in the back yard. Something easy to weed and water.

After all there just isn’t anything quite as yummy as vegetables right out of the garden, and May is just around the corner after all.
It has to warm up again. This is the best time of year.

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