End of fall

October 25, 2012

It was over 70 degrees outside today, but even though tomorrow (Thursday) is supposed to be even warmer, you know this just can’t last much longer.

In fact I was just checking the weather forecast on the computer and it says we are going to be in for it by early next week. Starting Friday, the temperatures will be mostly below 50 degrees for highs and Halloween is not only supposed to be cold – rain is forcast too.

The extended forecast shows the thermometer briefly flirting with 60 degrees a week from Sunday. Every other day through November 7 is closer to 45 degrees than anything else. The only good thing about it that I didn’t see that dreaded “S” word in the forecast yet.

You know that isn’t far away though. How depressing.

Another very hectic week is winding down with our annual Business Profile section due out in this issue. While I thoroughly enjoy getting out, hearing all the news and seeing everyone, I am always glad to put this issue “to bed.” I just don’t work those 12 to 15 hour days very well anymore and as Jack has noticed, being home to hear me grumble, I am certainly not my “sunny self” lately.

My little blue car sure has gotten a workout since the first of the month. Normally, since my office is at home, I only buy gas every week and a half or two. These past couple of weeks it has been about twice a week. That really makes me pay a lot more attention to the prices at the pumps, since without my “helper” I am the one pumping it.

Prices are coming down again – a bit. Today $3.44 was posted. I think that is supposed to make us feel grateful that the prices have dropped. You know I believe whoever sets those prices must really think the rest of us are pretty stupid.

I don’t know about other people, but we have been writing down the price we pay for gas and the amount we use for our whole married life. It makes it pretty easy to go back and see just how much it used to cost us at the pump, and it makes those prices we are paying now pretty hard to swallow.

Sure those prices are down a bit, but then they have been flirting with that $4 per gallon cost lately. Guess they think the rest of us “morons” won’t notice that those prices were averaging $3.39 just a year ago and two years back they were hovering around the $2.75 mark. And around the time Obama took office four years back, we were paying less than $2.00 a gallon. I don’t think the oil prices have gone up 200 percent. Seems pretty funny that the gas cost could have about doubled in just the past four years…

Doesn’t that make you wonder what they are going to hit us with next year? Or the year after that?

We have talked about this a lot and I really do believe that the suppliers jack those prices up as high as we can bear, then slowly bring them back down again – but always to a new average that is just a little bit higher than it was before – like we wouldn’t notice what they are doing.

The only really good thing about it all is the emphasis on “green” energy and on getting the mileage rating up in those new super-expensive vehicles…

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