It’s warm, no it’s cold, no it’s warming up again

January 25, 2018

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Pat Maurer, Review Correspondent

Seems like I am always talking about the weather this time of year.

Every week it is different. Last week’s title was ‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’

This week? Who knows? Another January thaw, snow all gone (briefly), rain and more rain, ditches and the river flooding – all this in a couple of days of nearly 40 degree temperatures and then more typical Michigan weather…temperatures dropping, snow falling again and covering the briefly bare yard, and all of this by Tuesday evening.
Today, (Wednesday) it’s just cold and cloudy outside. Jack tells me the temperature is back down to below normal again – 24 degrees early this afternoon, with “above normal” temps predicted again tomorrow. Predictions are up in the 40s again by Friday and 47 degrees on Saturday? That’s going to feel like spring – if the sun shines, that is. Jack tells me it is posted to be “cloudy and mild.”

Don’t you just love this State? No wonder we spend the winter months with colds and fighting off the flu bug!

It makes me very thankful I don’t have to venture outside much. I did take a short trip to take some pictures of the incredible icy roads around here though.

This week we are featuring the “Best of the Best” businesses all around the area! I just finished up my 23rd article on some of them, so as you probably guessed, it’s been a couple of very busy weeks for me and the phone, my little car and, of course the computer, which has gotten quite a workout! I hope you enjoy reading about all of the great businesses we have right around here!

Mid Michigan is a great place to live and work, despite the fickle weather.

Now, being a mostly work-at-home old lady, I get to relax just a bit and toast my toes in front of the fireplace often, at least when I’m not writing or letting Peanut out, and in, and out, and in…

She often pretends she has to go, when she only wants to check out who has been visiting us.

And we love watching the activity out at the feeders. The birds are always around, but this week the warm weather brought out the squirrels again. Jack scatters corn cobs on the ground for them and when the goodies start to disappear, as they do about every other day, they let us know in no uncertain terms! In fact a fat black squirrel just thumped on the front door as I was writing this! It must be time for more supplies out there.

This time of year, those feeders outside the living room are the critter’s favorite place to be. We enjoy the show every day and like to think we are helping some of them survive in the cold. Even our little herd of deer are regular visitors.

I did take a little break from the writing Sunday. We went, along with friends Julie and Ken, up to Harrison to enjoy the weekend breakfast at the Budd Lake Bar. The food’s great and abundant. You should try it.

Breakfast is our favorite eat-out excursion, and there are some really great places around here for it. If you too like an occasional breakfast, lunch or dinner out, you might want to try stopping at the area’s favorite family restaurant, The Nest in Farwell, or for some delicious Chinese fare, try Hangs in Harrison. Voter’s in our Best of the Best survey, say the Whitehouse in Clare has the very best burgers too, which I absolutely love.

Most of the time we eat at home. In the winter time we have a lot of crock pot specialties and baked in the oven dinners. And, a steak cooked outside tastes pretty great this time of year too. If you like cooking on the grill, even in the winter, like we do, the best meat market, voters say is Steve’s Market in Harrison.

With all our area has to offer, I guess there’s really no reason to stay inside all of the time.

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