Look twice, save a life

April 24, 2015

Dear Editor:

With the temperature rising, the familiar sound of motorcycles is in the air. But don’t always listen for sound to warn you of their approach. Many motorcycles make very little noise to warn you of their coming. They have been out for a while but not in the numbers you will see as it warms.

Motorcycles are much smaller than a car or truck or an SUV, making them more difficult to see and to judge their distance from you. It also takes very little to block the driver’s view in one of those vehicles and keep them from seeing a motorcycle.

The single headlight on a motorcycle, at a distance, is very deceiving and makes it almost impossible to tell how fast it is going.
Motorcycles are typically quick and agile, making them hard to see at times.

Usually when there is an accident involving a motorcycle the driver of the motor vehicle will simply say,” I didn’t see them”.
It is possible to bore you to death with statistics, but that by it-self will not help save lives. What will help is becoming familiar with motorcycles and the people that ride them.
Becoming familiar with motorcycles is the first step. The second step is to; “Look Twice, Save A Life” before you turn a corner, change lanes, stop or merge into traffic.
Most of the people that ride motorcycles today come from all walks of life. They could be a teacher, an off duty officer of the law, doctor, lawyer, your auto mechanic or a member of your family. There is no limitation as to who may ride a motorcycle.

The next time you see someone out and enjoying the beautiful weather, go talk to them about riding a motorcycle and find out why they ride. Most of the time they will say it’s simply for the enjoyment. You never know, the conversation may lead to a ride and who knows from there.

There are a number of clubs, groups and organizations that would like to talk to your group or organization about safety around motorcycles, keeping you and the next motorcyclist you see safe.

Here is a challenge for you, actively look for motorcycles the next time you get in your vehicle and keep count of how many you see. This is a simple exercise to get you familiar with motorcycles.

“Look Twice, Save A Life”

Glenn Grasley
GWRRA member and chapter J2 Educator


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