Take responsibility

October 25, 2012

Dear Editor:


I was amazed when I read the article in the Review about the man that had been tazed. What amazed me the most is the lack of responsibility he took. When an officer comes to your house and asks you to come outside to discuss a matter, why wouldn’t you? What is the big deal? Unless you have something to hide, or you know exactly why they are there. Is all this JUNK being published because it is election year? Is it the work of certain attorney’s trying to sabotage the Sheriff and Prosecutor’s Office? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? These two elected officials are sworn to protect and serve, and in my opinion that is EXACTLY what they are doing! I don’t know what the problem is. If you operate a meth lab you are are arrested and prosecuted. Same goes if you have a domestic violence charge, drive drunk, steal, or embezzle money. You go to jail and are prosecuted. It is not that hard to figure out. I have some personal experience with some of this. Not because I am an attorney, but I have been stopped twice for drunk driving in Clare County. These were not proud moments in my life, but I still took responsibility for my actions. On my second drunk driving, Deputy Kasin stopped me and he was very professional. I was very nasty and would not comply with his simple requests. At one point I was about to be tazed, but I realized this was not going well for me and I was not going to win. While in jail the deputies were all very professional. I guess the point of this letter is about doing the right thing and taking responsibility for your actions. About a year later I had the opportunity to speak with Deputy Kasin, and I apoligized for my actions that night. He was doing the job that he had sworn to uphold. I think our Sheriff and Prosecutor ARE doing the right thing. It seems the only people not happy with the Sheriff and Prosecutor are the people that have been arrested and prosecuted. We have enough hate in this Country. Do we really want it in Clare County? How about this? Do the right thing, take responsibility for your actions and support the people that protect and serve this County on a daily basis. We all make mistakes. Let’s NOT make one when we vote in November. Let’s keep the Prosecutor and Sheriff that we have now.


Thank You

Timothy J. Bailey

Clare County Resident

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