Voting on Proposal 2

October 25, 2012

Dear Editor

Collective bargaining built the middle class here inMichigan.  Over the past two years,Lansingpoliticians have attacked collective bargaining and the middle class.  That’s why I’m voting YES on Proposal 2 on November 6.

When I go to the hospital, I want the nurse who is taking care of me to be able to have time to attend to my needs.  I want her to have the training she needs to be able to do her job, because it will affect my recovery.  I want her to speak up for me when the hospital may want to limit my care in order to make a profit.  That’s why I’m voting for Proposal 2 in November, so my nurse can collectively bargain for what she needs and have a voice in my care.

How many billionaires eat in local restaurants?  How many millionaires?  How many working families? We should vote Yes on Proposal 2 soMichiganworkers can continue to have good wages and benefits and be able to support local businesses.  As families expendable incomes go down who will feel the bite?  Local business will.  When it comes time to pay the bills and save what you can what goes?  The family dinner at the local restaurant or the trip to the movies,  that what.

State police received collective bargaining rights in 1978 whenMichiganvoters passed an amendment to the constitution.  This didn’t cause all the chaos that opponents to Proposal 2 are worried about.  It’s time to protect the collective bargaining rights for allMichiganworkers – Vote Yes on Proposal 2.

Wages in states where workers don’t have collective bargaining rights are much lower than in states where workers have those rights.  Now politicians inLansingwant to take away collective bargaining rights fromMichiganworkers.  That will ruinMichigan’s recovery.  Collective bargaining puts money in the pockets of working families so they can support local businesses.  Vote Yes on Proposal 2 to protect working families andMichigan’s future.

I’ve been in the field of education for 24 years.  I’m worried that the best college students are not going to want to teach inMichiganespecially when they see whatLansingpoliticians are doing to take away retirement security and collective bargaining rights.  We need Proposal 2 in order to keep the quality of our public education systems high.  That’s why I’m voting Yes.

Henry Ford said it right here inMichigan100 years ago – “You have to pay well and provide good benefits to get good workers.”  Collective bargaining built the middle class on good wages and benefits forMichiganworkers.  Good wages and benefits built a strongMichiganeconomy.  We need to vote Yes on Proposal 2 to protect working families andMichigan’s future.



Daryl Phillips


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